As we discussed in an earlier post (Know Your Learning Style),  Kinesthetic learners study best through hands-on activities and real life experiences. If you haven’t already, take some time to revisit that post to discover what learning style you identify with the most. If you scored high in Kinesthetic learning then incorporating more hands-on learning activities to your study habits is the best thing you can do to improve your grades. You might try incorporating real life examples into your notes, any type of drama or acting out your examples, but the more you incorporate movement into your study habits the faster you will, and the more you will remember.

Kinesthetic Learning Strategies 

  1. Use mnemonic hand gestures to help you remember vocabulary, or difficult facts
  2. Build models when possible such as
  3. Find a discreet fidgeting movement you can do while you’re listening
  4. Volunteer for any type of movement in class, such as passing out handouts
  5. Take notes and draw diagrams during lectures. Keeping your hand moving with help keep you engaged
  6. Use movement when practicing and giving presentations, such as moving between seats, dramatizing, or even point to important information or diagrams
  7. Try studying in places other than sitting still in a chair, for example laying on the floor
  8. Be hands on in labs when possible
  9. When working out ideas for essays or other projects try going for a walk or pacing
  10. Use flash cards with summarized information on them
  11. Try chewing a different flavored gum with each subject. Stimulating multiple sense will help focus you
  12. Instead of drawing arrows on paper to make connections, use separate pieces of paper which you can move around.
  13. If you know another Kinesthetic learner try playing catch or going for a walk while you drill each other with questions
  14. Listen to audio books while doing some kind of light physical activity such as walking. Check out for free public domain audio books
  15. Use a large exercise ball instead of a chair while studying
  16. Practice math with real money
  17. Try squeezing a stress ball while studying. You can also talk to your instructor to see if you can bring one to any tests or exams
  18. Listen to music while you study, but nothing with a heavy beat
  19. Take frequent short study breaks to keep from being stagnate while you study
  20. Make inspiration boards to keep you focused on your goals

As you study remember to keep moving as much as possible. The more you can colorcode, graph, and map, the better you will retain new information. We love hearing from you, so if you have other suggestions on how to study as an Kinesthetic learner please leave a comment below. Also, check out our 20 Best Study Tips For Auditory Learners and Visual Learners.